About me

Lee Stephens is the author of the Paladin’s Way series.  After traveling the world for twenty years, he retired as a Chief Petty Officer from the U.S. Navy.  After his time in the navy he spent another fifteen years in industry and education before he began writing fiction.  An avid reader, he’s always loved to tell stories, so now he writes every day in the hopes of sharing fantastic characters and places with others.   If Lee can bring a few moments of enjoyment to another in the pages of his stories he feels like he’s done something good.  Lee lives in Florida, and he plans to keep writing until they take his keyboard away.

You can Find my work on Amazon. Here is a link to my Author Page. Oh by the way, If you are a Kindle Unlimited member the links below will take you to an Amazon page where you can read for FREE!!

Here are a few of my recent posts.

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