Voters! Time to get smart

Alright everyone, 2020 is finally here and that means the general election is just around the corner.

It seems like the shakers and movers out there are increasingly using a tool to legislate how things work in the world of the Florida legal system. The ballot.

Yep. Things are showing up on the ballot as constitutional amendments which affect the lives of us all, and as such, I feel it’s important to know what the “cooks in the kitchen” are up to. I really hope we all can find a little time to research what’s being put in the language of our constitution so we have a chance of making an informed decision before we find ourselves caught like a deer in the headlights behind that curtain in the voting box.

So if you’re a Florida voter, heck a voter anywhere in out great land, take a few minutes to check this article out. Then take a few minutes to decide how you really feel about these things. Even if the answer is a resounding “I don’t care”, I think you’ll feel better when you’re behind that curtain pushing buttons.

If you’re in another state just go to Ballotpedia and take a look for your area.

Peace everybody!

Happy New Year

Had to share this. We’ve been following Mercy since last year when we first saw the vid of her out of her mind with fear. Thank you so much to all those who foster and heal these dogs. Our world sure needs more hearts with love in em!
Mercy is almost at the end of the clip giving kissy face to her foster mom.

I like the song too!

The World We Live In

Geez, It’s been a while since I posted here.  I am still working diligently on my next book.  I think it’s a good piece of work.  I also will be working on editing and setup for the third book in the Paladin’s way series this year.  And nope. I’m not gonna let any spoilers get away right now.  It’ll all be along, all in good time.

Next subject:

Seriously, I’m just another opinionated guy who probably overthinks almost everything but with that having been said, I am very much aware we live in a world that’s not my grandpa’s world.

Communication can be instant.  Gratification can be instant in many cases and it’s SO EASY to commit to a decision you might regret later.  I know whence I speak.  I have the original tee shirt for doing that very thing.

The following is taken from the US Embassy and Consulate in Morroco

Internet Romance and Marriage Fraud

Many Americans befriend Moroccans through Internet dating and social networking sites and these relationships often lead to marriage or engagement.  While many of the marriages between Americans and Moroccans are successful, the U.S. Consulate General in Casablanca warns against marriage fraud.  It is not uncommon for foreign nationals to enter into marriages with Americans solely for immigration purposes.  Relationships developed via correspondence, particularly those begun on the Internet, are especially susceptible to manipulation.  Often, the marriages end in divorce in the United States when the foreign national acquires legal permanent residence (“green card”) or U.S. citizenship.  In some cases, the new American or permanent resident then remarries a wife he divorced before, around the same time as entering into a relationship with a sponsoring American citizen.

Some of the signs that an Internet contact may be developing a relationship with an American in order to obtain an immigrant visa through marriage are:

  • Declarations of love within days or weeks of the initial contact;
  • Proposals or discussions of marriage soon after initial contact;
  • Requests to the American to visit the foreign national’s home country soon after the declaration of love or proposal;
  • Responses to messages from the American friend are along the lines “I love you/Sorry I missed your call,” or similarly one-sided conversations;
  • Once engaged, married, or an immigrant visa petition is filed, suddenly starts missing scheduled appointments to chat or call.

While chat rooms, dating and social networking sites are great ways to make friends across international borders, the U.S. government urges Americans who meet foreign nationals on the Internet to take the time necessary to get to know them well before considering marriage and to keep in mind the signs noted above. Entering into a marriage contract for the principal purpose of facilitating immigration to the United States for an alien is against U.S. law and can result in serious penalties, including fines and imprisonment for the American citizen and the foreign national involved. (End Attachment)

I’m just tossing this information out there.  If even one person is helped by this information, good.  I hope I don’t offend by this post because that is certainly not my intent. Affairs of the heart are not something I claim to be wise about.  If you’re in love, well, good for ya.  This is just information. Nothing more. Do with it what you will.

Till next time, Peace