Remembering “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan

Considering the chaos of the nasty political quagmire we find ourselves schlepping through every time the news comes on these days, I thought we might want to take a look back and perhaps, remember just who the heck we are as a nation.

There was a man once who said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Some of us remember that day with tears in our eyes.

And you know what?

The wall DID come down, opening a whole world up to millions of people who had dreamed of freedom for a lifetime, yearning for that gleaming ideal. It isn’t perfect but the people get to CHOOSE.

As we seethe and boil in our skins from the infighting in our own government I hope we can step away from it for a moment to look back and remember a time when we saw things a bit more clearly.

This video is about half an hour so I hope you can find the time to make yourself something to drink and watch this for your own edification. I was awestruck at the raw truth in this mans words.

That’s it for today. I hope we can all find it in our hearts to remember that our neighbor is our neighbor. Treat each other like the brothers and sisters we are. Do something kind for someone today and you’ll feel better about your own self. Teach your kids to do the same.

Comments are welcome. Keep the faith yall!



Time for introspection and truth

So I came across the following in my reading and it seemed profound to me.

“Putting the evidence together, it seems clear that polarization is a real, and serious phenomenon. Americans may or may not be further apart on the issues than they used to be. But clearly what divides them politically is increasingly personal, and this in many ways may be worse. We don’t just disagree politely about what is the best way to reform the health care system. We believe that those on the other side are trying to destroy America, and that we should spare nothing in trying to stop them” 1

Polarization does not just happen. It’s not the way the world works. As a population we are generally whipped up by outside forces or events into a frenzy. Hell, folks have been stirred up by influencers and steered into to rioting and burning down the countryside for a long time. For instance, in 44 BC there was a riot in Rome during the cremation of Julius Cesar that resulted in several deaths from firebrand wielding citizens. (Brutus and Cassius were killed.)

My point is this. The anger and outrage felt over the murder of George Floyd by dirty police officers is justified. The call for examination of our systems is a just and democratic one. We all believe our government should answer to the people. They are MANDATED to do so. And they must be held accountable.

Now that I’ve stated the obvious, we must remember we are a nation under the rule of law. Believe me when I say that’s a good thing. It’s why so many want to come here. We have a system that was placed to protect the rights of our citizens.  Remember the reason we broke away from the mother country was because they were grinding our god given rights into dust under the bootheels of British Regulars stationed here.

Don’t give in to the screaming voices that accuse. And accuse. And accuse.  I personally am sick of being told how terrible I am on almost all media outlets. As a matter of fact if you are a grown man and step up to me and call me a racist you should expect what comes next. I don’t mistreat others and I’ll not allow anyone to bully me. I think most of us feel the same and that’s how we raise our kids.

Bully’s are bad be they that mean kid in school or a bunch of looters. Period.

Why have we forgotten as a nation to look for the things we all have in common rather than the things that divide us? I have a strong suspicion that the narrative is being driven for others who are not friends of out nation. Have we allowed the screaming to drown out the voice of one of the greatest leaders we ever had. The voice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My hope is that no more lives are needlessly lost as we rant and rave. Our political machine is horribly to blame for a lot of this wreckage. Don’t walk on the backs of the American people to get elected. This is sound advice and if you’re a politician looking to play the optics I would simply say to you, don’t be surprised when you find yourself being required to relocate to a little country somewhere south of the equator.

Peace, Be well.

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