Voters! Time to get smart

Alright everyone, 2020 is finally here and that means the general election is just around the corner.

It seems like the shakers and movers out there are increasingly using a tool to legislate how things work in the world of the Florida legal system. The ballot.

Yep. Things are showing up on the ballot as constitutional amendments which affect the lives of us all, and as such, I feel it’s important to know what the “cooks in the kitchen” are up to. I really hope we all can find a little time to research what’s being put in the language of our constitution so we have a chance of making an informed decision before we find ourselves caught like a deer in the headlights behind that curtain in the voting box.

So if you’re a Florida voter, heck a voter anywhere in out great land, take a few minutes to check this article out. Then take a few minutes to decide how you really feel about these things. Even if the answer is a resounding “I don’t care”, I think you’ll feel better when you’re behind that curtain pushing buttons.

If you’re in another state just go to Ballotpedia and take a look for your area.

Peace everybody!

Happy New Year

Had to share this. We’ve been following Mercy since last year when we first saw the vid of her out of her mind with fear. Thank you so much to all those who foster and heal these dogs. Our world sure needs more hearts with love in em!
Mercy is almost at the end of the clip giving kissy face to her foster mom.

I like the song too!

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