My Covid-19 Rant

I just cant keep my mouth shut. Here’s a quote for ya.

The grim reality is that, for the elderly, COVID-19 is an almost perfect killing machine.”

The above quote was just plastered on ABC World News Tonight as they breathlessly ushered in a new wave of fear about this latest viral scare. They were quoting a fellow named Mark Parkinson. He’s a Democrat, A Liberal, and Nursing home Czar. He’s a businessman and a politician. Oh yeah, he was the Governor of Kansas. He left the Republican party (1990-2006) and became a Democrat in 2006 to get close to the Governor’s office. To my knowledge he’s never spent a day in medical school.

Agenda anyone? The boy is not a Doctor. He’s not an epidemiologist, Never worked for the CDC. Just another dude with an agenda that he thinks gives him permission to utter terror to the news media. I am so disgusted with this type of fearmongering.

This virus is DESTROYED by soap and water. It’s LIPID based. It will dissolve on a molecular basis when hit with soap and warm water.

If you would like a little real perspective please, please read the article I’ve linked here. You will be glad you did. And for God’s sake, will someone please tell David Muir to stop scaring folks for money.

Author: leestephensstoryteller

Novelist and storyteller. I live in Florida.

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