Do we need another Manhatttan Project to fight the pandemic threat?

With the wreckage just beginning to be felt in the western world from the reality of the Covid-19 virus sweeping through communities we need to take a hard look at our response to this type of enemy.

Yes, viruses and disease are old enemies, but ones that have the potential to become much deadlier over time. As a matter of fact time is on our enemy’s side, not ours.

Unless. . . . we get better at fighting them.

Take a look at the article From Seth Berkley at Science Journal.

So I hope you at least glanced through the article. The bottom line is, there are some threats that are so sure that they become an existential threat to us all. If we (and by we, I mean humanity) want to keep on keeping on, we need to face the threat head on.

If you do a minimal amount of research you’ll find that the Covid-19 is not a one off phenomena. It’s not a question of if. It’s simply a question of when.

There will come others and each one has unknown destructive potential ranging from mild to much worse than we see with Covid-19.

My advice is just this:

Stay well and take this time to reflect on what we should do in the face of an enemy we can’t see except by observing the damage it leaves in it’s path. And if it seems like the thing to do, pick up a phone and call your congressional rep. or Senator. Let them know what you want to see done for the sake of those who will come after us.

Thanks for reading.


Author: leestephensstoryteller

Novelist and storyteller. I live in Florida.

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