The following is from Wikipedia concerning Tish James, the liberal New York Attorney General who is bringing suit against the NRA less than 90 days from the election. Total political sniper action. Please read this and let it sink in.

If you believe in conservative values and democracy you better wake up and get out the damn vote.

From Wikipedia: “2018 New York Attorney General election
In May 2018, James, who initially planned to run for Mayor of New York City in 2021 [35], declared her candidacy for Attorney General of New York and won the Democratic primary on September 13, 2018 with 40.6% of the vote; she defeated Zephyr Teachout (31%) and two other candidates.[36][37] On November 6, 2018, she was elected attorney general, defeating Republican Keith Wofford.[38]

Did you get that? She became the AG of New York with 40.6 percent of the vote.

Now she is launching one of the most serious attacks on the second amendment seen in some time.

If you don’t speak up, expect to be done-to, NOT done for, by your government.


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Novelist and storyteller. I live in Florida.

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