Be Informed

I think every American with the right to vote should express their intent in the upcoming election of those who will hold the helm of our government for the next four years. Our foundations are constitutional and based on the belief that all men are created equal. That’s my take on it, but I have an uneasy feeling not all my countrymen feel the same. Only about fifty five percent of the voting age population voted in 2016.

Yeah, you read that right.

I mean come on. It sure feels like a full hundred percent complain about the state of things. What’s THAT all about? Apathy is for subjects. NOT citizens.

George Washington referred to our country as “The Great Experiment.” This was in reference to the belief that the citizens of a nation could indeed rule themselves; That government should not be the purview of only the rich and powerful.

“and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Remember that phrase, attributed to Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg address? The words go back as far as a preamble to the bible written by John Wycliffe in 1384. The idea of a free nation has been around as long as men have yearned to be free from the yokes of oppression.

If you think you should be a citizen instead of a subject, I urge you to be knowledgeable of the written platform of the two main parties, who spend most of the time, looking like two mules fighting over an onion.

I say this because OUR nation deserves so much more than we have seen on the major news channels lately. That’s right. I said OUR.

So if you are on the fence about all this hang on to the links below and take a hard look sometime before you make up your mind. Like I said, try to put your emotions aside and listen to your world view. Only you know what the right thing is for you. Not your friends. Not your parents.

Republican Platform

America First

Democrat Preamble

The above links take you to the pages where you can read for yourself EXACTLY what the parties stand for. The only advice I can give is that we all really do have more in common than we have differences. I would urge each of us to put our preconceived notions aside and simply allow ourselves to take these things at face valve and then see how the words align with our own worldview. Then make your decision on how to vote.

This Nation was founded on firm bedrock but beware. There are forces that would strip us of our liberties and subjugate each of us to an iron collar of federal rule, the likes of which most of us can only begin to imagine.

Go forward and be informed. Take charge of your destiny.




The following is from Wikipedia concerning Tish James, the liberal New York Attorney General who is bringing suit against the NRA less than 90 days from the election. Total political sniper action. Please read this and let it sink in.

If you believe in conservative values and democracy you better wake up and get out the damn vote.

From Wikipedia: “2018 New York Attorney General election
In May 2018, James, who initially planned to run for Mayor of New York City in 2021 [35], declared her candidacy for Attorney General of New York and won the Democratic primary on September 13, 2018 with 40.6% of the vote; she defeated Zephyr Teachout (31%) and two other candidates.[36][37] On November 6, 2018, she was elected attorney general, defeating Republican Keith Wofford.[38]

Did you get that? She became the AG of New York with 40.6 percent of the vote.

Now she is launching one of the most serious attacks on the second amendment seen in some time.

If you don’t speak up, expect to be done-to, NOT done for, by your government.


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