Little Steps

When you work on a project like a novel, the trick is to keep coming back to it.  Frequently. Hopefully, every day around the same time.

To do that you have to allow yourself to not be intimidated by the scope of the story or waylaid by some of the things life can throw at you.  And just so you know, the former is not a problem for me.  I actually can stare at a page  (and not type a single word) for a couple of hours as the blood seeps from my brain.  It’s the latter that sometimes stumps my ability to actually put words in a straight line so they make sense in the story.You know, how sometimes you just want to start screaming “Why?Why?Why?Why?”

Always getting no clue.  But that is absolutely how life is.

Sorry, life is not full of answers.  But it does have a way of presenting endless questions.  It sucks, I know.  So if you’re out there wondering “WHY?”, you’re not alone.    There are innumerable hordes of us suckers out there wondering where the truck came from that left us with our hearts and brains oozing out on the street.  Not all of us are trying to write a novel though.  For us its a special problem.  We spend an inordinate amount of time in our skulls anyway.trainwreck

So if you are trying to work on your masterpiece, just realize that tomorrow is another day.  YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS ONE.   This day.  This minute.  Get mindful about right now.  And for the love of God don’t trust your feelings.  The human heart is a lying bastard.  I promise you that’s a universal truth.  Nowhere is it written that you must believe your thoughts (read feelings).  It could be part of the reason you’ve been at 17000 words for the last six weeks.  Believe me I understand.

Sometimes you just gotta pull a David Farragut on that stinkin “Why?” and say “Damn the torpedoes.  Full speed ahead.

And sometimes — it works.

Be well.  Keep at it.








Paladin’s Way ~ Soulstone is available for preorder

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00050]Hey everyone Soulstone is now live for preorder.  You can find it here.  Amazon

It’s been an exciting journey bringing this little project to fruition.  I’ve so enjoyed it.  So head on over and check it out and don’t forget that my short entitled The Story of Elise~ A brief History is going to be free for five days starting Friday.  You can find it on Ama
as well

Happy reading.


Some thoughts on being alone

I had thought perhaps I might not be able to write again. My past has held much turmoil and tension in the act of doing no more than living…muddling along each day, as in truth, we all must do.


Then, today, as I sat in my little hovel listening to a burgeoning gunfight outside between some drunks and some others who had done them some horrible wrong, it began. An itch in the back of my mind that I knew would never leave on its own. It started as a very mild thing and soon grew into the evil, cold, monster I knew and loved.

I know well, the only way to defeat the monster is to give in to its demands. To clear my mind of everything except perhaps the music that serves to isolate me further from the nuances and ghosts of the world, allowing the words to escape. An act of exhausting all that I have on a blank, unforgiving, damnable page.

And then the magic happens.

At first it slowly touches my mind. Then it touches what it must if there is to be any release. My feelings. I start to believe I can, by God, FACE that glaring, blazing white, barren page. Bringing nothing more than my puny self to do battle with it. Oh the trepidation and the sense that it is too great a thing, that I can never measure up to such a thing, that I am doomed to fail, is still there. And then, even as I joust at the windmill with my broom, my fingers touch the keys, stumbling like a blind man in an unknown forest. I touch another key, and another, and then it’s as if I don’t feel the hurt when I fall any more. God. Damn the pain.

I am given over to the words.

Maybe, even, if the hurts of my heart should end me, if I am no more, will the words be enough? I think they may very well be. I hope for truth, even as it seems as elusive as the fair maiden in the mist. You know the one. That fair, black haired beauty with gray eyes. The maiden that steals your heart, your peace, your rest. Your soul — if you take no care. Take care my friend, lest she strike your heart.

Will the words be enough? It’s all we can ask as we stumble across this mortal coil.
Muddling along.

Just Released

Just released this short on Amazon as a prelude to my first main novel, Paladin’s way ~ So512bbp09b1xl-_sx312_bo1204203200_ulstone.  I’m excited as a kid at Christmas.   The short (About 20 pages) is at  Hope you’ll check it out.  I also hope to do a cover reveal soon for Soulstone.  It’ll be awesome IMHO.

My family has been great as I flop and twitch and mumble getting ready to do the debut.  I’d go crazy without them.  I’m grateful to them.

More good stuff coming soon.  Stay tuned.  See you again soon.  🙂